SUMMARY– 2022/4

Anne Kotzan: Photographic concepts and treasures - Collection exhibition of the Photographic Collection of the SK Stiftung Kultur in Cologne
The SK Stiftung Kultur in Cologne regularly organises exhibitions bringing together works by artists who are spatially and temporally distant from each other and who address similar issues. The current show, which Anne Kotzan reports on for readers, focuses on changes in landscape representation and the urban landscape's role in the last decades in photography.      

Szilvia Csanádi-Bognár: The eye looking at itself - Notes for the exhibition Retina by Ákos Czigány
The Várfok Gallery presented the latest works of Ákos Czigány in the framework of the Retina exhibition. The central theme of the Speculum, Proiectio and Replica series is vision and ways of seeing. Szilvia Csanádi-Bognár wrote a summary of the show.    

Szilvia Csanádi-Bognár: The work five times - Introversions photo books, with photos by Enikő Gábor, texts by Vera Fehér, Attila Bartis, Tibor Miltényi, Zopán Nagy, Ági Vedres
Intovereziók is the latest series of Enikő Gábor's work Intovereziók is not just the latest series of Enikő Gábor's oeuvre but also a unique digital book in five different editions. Vera Fehér, Attila Bartis, Tibor Miltényi, Zopán Nagy and Ági Vedres have the texts written. So the five editions are unique not only because of the text but, of course, from the point of view of the accompanying images as well. Szilvia Csanádi-Bognár, who has been following the artist's work for a long time, introduces the reader to the spirit of the pieces.  

Gábor Ébli: Sensual radicalism and intellectual play - Photographic works from the collection of László Beke
A leading figure of the neo-avantgarde from the 1970s onwards, art historian László Beke (1944-2022) meticulously collected documents related to the artists he followed. The exhibition of his collection betrays a passionate interest in photography both in its radical, performative practices and its philosophical, conceptual terrain.

Zoltán Fejér: Károly Gink and his Hasselblad camera
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Károly Gink, Zoltán Fejér examines Gink's practice from a particular angle. The writer focuses on the relationship between Gink's works, the Hasselblad company, and their products.

Judit Gellér: Conversation VIII – Lajos Csontó Kutyaév 2022
Lajos Csontó's work Kutyaév 2020 has already been the subject of several articles in the columns of our newspaper. In the current issue, Judit Gellér, whose series of discussions on photo books has been running in Fotóművészet for several years, asks him about the circumstances of the work's creation in a conversation.

Zsuzsanna Kemenesi: L'Amour de l'art
Zsuzsanna Kemenesi's compilation looks at some of the artists and works of this year's Paris Photo fair.

Gyöngyi Pál: Theses of the Master of Photography students of the Rippl-Rónai Institute of Art
Gyöngyi Pál's article analyses the theses of 3 graduate students of the Rippl-Rónai Art Institute on the Kaposvár Campus, Fanni Boros, Ilka Fedor and Domonkos Németh. The graduates of the Kaposvár institute have always been very individualistic and well-prepared intellectually. How the series and the three theses are presented is such that the reader is curious, not only to see the visual material but also to read the whole texts of the theses.

János Palotai: Barta 60 – Bodies: Selection from the oeuvrel 1980−2022 
For Zsolt Péter Barta, the Artphoto Gallery has organised an exhibition of a selection of his oeuvre. On this occasion, János Palotai's article reviews the photographer's career.  

Mihály Surányi: Exploration - Reflections on the works of Roger Ballen
The Mai Mano House has organised a significant exhibition of Roger Ballen's work. In connection with this exhibition, Mihály Surányi wrote an article that goes beyond the exhibition's material to present the most characteristic features of Ballen's work and the changes in his aesthetics and approach from the Dorps series until the latest, the Roder the Rat series.    

Zoltán Tóth Balázs: All photography is a struggle, after all - Notes on the work of Mihály Gera (Part 1)
Mihály Gera (1931-2014) served the cause of Hungarian photography, initially as a specialist writer, and later as a decision-maker from key positions in the institutional system, as a book series initiator, as a teacher, and later as a mentor to young talented people. In addition, he was an indispensable figure in the public life of photography. The article on his activities is the work of Zoltán Balázs Tóth.

Olivér Tóth: "Sometimes images can be more important than us" - Conversation with Szabolcs Barakonyi.
In this interview, Szabolcs Barakonyi talks in detail about his career and relationship with art and photography. His series gives the reader an insight into his views on the photographer's responsibility and ethical stance. The conversation with Olivér Tóth puts his work as an artist, publisher and photo editor into a clear context.