SUMMARY– 2022/1

András Bán: Layers – About Lajos Czeizing's Photo Album Artists (1963) 

A 200-page book titled Artists was published in 1963 by Gondolat Publishers, featuring more than 20 senior artists. The book, produced in collaboration between art historian Zsuzsa D. Fehér and Lajos Czeizing, is an indication of what is beyond social realism, who are the artists who are acceptable to the Consolidation, regardless of how they personally experienced more than one and a half decades after the war. András Bán's article about this book presents the career of Lajos Czeizing and the conditions that characterised the development of cultural policy during this sensitive period.

Judit Csatlós: Productive Repetition - Anna Fabricius' Exhibition One Hundred Words and Seven Things

TOBE Gallery has organised the latest exhibition of Anna Fabricius. In the context of the show, Judit Csatlós gives an overview of some of the stages of the artist's journey that led to the creation of this material. The review points out the elements that can be traced almost throughout Anna Fabricius' art and shows the direction where each series moved.  

György Cséka: Two Serious Figures in Suits, Words and Images Inquire About Gerhes - About Gábor Gerhes' Works - Part I

Gábor Gerhes is an inescapable figure in contemporary Hungarian photography. Last year, Mai Manó House looked back on his 25-year career in a retrospective exhibition. György Cséka reviewed and analysed Gábor Gerhes' oeuvre at the request of our magazine. You can read the first part of this study in this issue.

Gábor Ébli: From the portrait to the concept – Selected photos from the László Zimányi collection

While the first exhibition of his collection, in his native Eger, in 2018, was dominated by paintings and included photographs only as portraits of well-known artists, László Zimányi has recently expanded the photo-based acquisitions, some of which point towards politically active, even conceptual art.

Gábor Ébli: Tossed Camera – Rising of the photo-based works in the Ludwig Museum's collection in Budapest

Founded in 1989, the Ludwig Museum in Budapest has been acquiring photo-based works increasingly since the mid-1990s. Its current exhibition of the new acquisitions of the past 7-8 years showcases photo-based art partly from the 1970s and partly from current projects of artistic research that address contested issues of memory and identity in Eastern Europe.  

Gábor Ébli: Transubstantiation- Exhibition from the Madelaine Millot-Durrenberger collection

Acquiring photographs since 1980, Madelaine Millot-Durrenberger has earned world renown not only as a collector but also as a curator, publisher. Overall, this exhibition, the 152nd of her collection, reveals her also as a sensitive recipient of human emotions and philosophical dilemmas.

by Zsuzsa Farkas: Aladár Székely Through the Eyes of a Collector

It is safe to say that Aladár Székely's work and activities are a significant part of the history and changes of Hungarian photography. Zsuzsa Farkas' article attempts to present some of the controversial aspects of this oeuvre. What dilemmas had to be faced by someone who wanted to be both economically successful and progressive in Budapest in the first half of the 20th century? 

Zoltán György Fejér: About Canon FT and FTb cameras

Canon as a camera brand is well known to everyone. After explaining the initial development and production steps, Zoltán Fejér introduces two cameras that Canon began to produce in the 1960s and 1970s. The two machines also mark a frontier in the development of optimal photometric technology.  

Judit Gellér: Photobooks. Conversations. VII "We are looking for Our Own Story In Every Picture." - Gábor Gerhes: ATLAS. The Creation of Imagination

One of the first significant events of 2022 was the launch and presentation of Gábor Gerhes' book ATLAS. Judit Gellér talked to the author about the book, its concept, the life of the work, the nature of encyclopaedias and the language.  

Zsuzsanna Szegedy-Maszák: "Common Good" and Remembrance

Published for Book Week 2021, this lavishly illustrated volume of essays, titled ROSTI, written by seven authors in Hungarian and English, deals with Pál Rosti's photo album, currently known to exist in five copies and his travelogue Road Memories of America, published in 1861. 

The book contains seven essays, and Zsuzsanna Szegedy-Maszák's review not only presents the essays by Hungarian and international authors but she also compares the different views as an outsider.  

Olivér Tóth: "I'm constantly experimenting" – An Interview with Éva Szombat, Winner of the Capa Grand Prize

Éva Szombat won the 2021 Capa Grand Prize for her series "Orgasm, please, not roses". On this occasion, Olivér Tóth talked to her both about the current series and how this project fits into her oeuvre.