SUMMARY– 2021/4

Anikó Ádám
From Pictorialism to Modernism - Margaret Watkins' retrospective exhibition Black Light at the Mai Manó House

An exhibition of Margaret Watkins' pictures from the Mulholland Collection has been organised at the Mai Manó House. Anikó Ádám has written a summary of Watkins' life, her inspirations at different stages of her life and her artistic career through them.

Edit Barta
The Rediscovered Oeuvre - On András Baranyay’s photograpy-based works

András Baranyay's works have been shown in several places recently. Műcsarnok has dedicated an exhibition to his works spanning his entire oeuvre. On the occasion of the exhibition, organised in collaboration with MissionArt Gallery, Edit Barta introduces the reader to Baranyay's method of image-making and the approach embodied in it.

Andrea Bordács
"It Would be Good To live in Love" - Zsuzsi Ujj’s exhibitions

Nearly ten years after the publication of Zsuzsi Ujj’s monograph and 25 years after her first exhibition at Liget Gallery, her two exhibitions this year have been devoted to the work of the photographer, who was active in the 1980s. Andrea Bordács's article discusses the works that are considered the most characteristic pieces of her career through the fragments of her personal history.

Szilvia Csanádi-Bognár
The solid aesthetics of disappearance

Szilvia Csanádi-Bognár's writing focuses on a book again in which the relationship between image and text is fundamental. Moáré Lóránt Kabai’s book and especially its imagery, is examined from the perspective of impersonalisation.

Judit Csatlós
Reconstructions - Giovane Fotografia Italiana #8

The various festivals and the municipalities that back them have made the Italian photographic scene very intense in recent years. Judit Csatlós’ article presents the background to the creation of Giovane Fotografia Italiana 2021 and some members of the young Italian generation through the works of the artists presented in 2021.

Gábor Ébli
businessman + board of trustees = collection - Fine art photography in the collection of the Horváth Art Foundation

Founded in 2004 by businessman Béla Horváth, himself a noted collector, the Horváth Art Foundation (Horváth Művészeti Alapítvány, builds its collection of contemporary art on the proposals of an expert board. Keenly progressive in profile, the acquisitions embrace a variety of media, including fine art photography and video.

György Zoltán Fejér
Zenit-E transformed into a Zen Camera

In this article, Zoltán Fejér explores the development, technical solutions and product career of the ZENIT camera that was very popular in the socialist block.

Balázs Gáspár
Metals and images - relations between capitalism and photography

What has the mining industry to do with photography? In this article, Balázs Gáspár reviews the essays in the book Capitalism and the Camera. Essays on Photography and Extraction, published by Verso Books in 2021

Judit Gellér
Photobooks. Conversations VI. - "We Agreed that We Want Something Really Punk" - There is Nothing New Under the Sun by Geibl Kata

Kata Geibl's latest book is published by Void. Judit Gellér talked to the photographer about the making of the book, the specifics of the composition of the images and the project itself. The book is important, among other things, because it brings together the experience of a young photographer who studied in a wide range of environments, at universities in several countries, to create the core of the book.

Anna Göttler
Independent creative vision and social critique by Anna Göttler - - Anna Göttler talked to Gábor Arion Kudász, Head of the MA Photography at MOME

From autumn 2022, MOME will start English language courses. Anna Göttler talked to Gábor Arion Kudász, Head of the MA in Photography at MOME, about the course, the expected impacts of its introduction and MOME's more distant goals.

Zsuzsanna Szegedy-Maszák
On a private way - Miklós Barabás' photographic recipe book

Without Miklós Barabás's paintings, it would be difficult to give an idea of 19th century Hungary and the growth of the bourgeoisie. However, Barabás was also very interested in photography, he used it and had his own studio. He compiled his recipe book at the very time when most of the processes in photography were being developed. The recipe book is both a testimony to the long period of time Barabás spent collecting, testing and writing down the processes that he obtained through his wide international connections.

Réka Szentirmay
On Liz Johsnon Artur - and hope

Liz Johnson Artur was born in Bulgaria in 1964 to a Russian mother and a Ghanaian father. The photographer, now based in New York, has gradually turned into a documenter of black communities around the world. In the context of the exhibition at FOAM Amsterdam, Réka Szentirmay introduces the reader to the evolution of her oeuvre and reveals its most characteristic features.

Olivér Tóth
"I Don't Want to Conform to the Spirit of the Time" - An interview with Róbert László Bácsi

Róbert László Bácsi has long been a character figure in reportage photography in Hungary. On the occasion of his exhibition at the Capa Centre on the 10th anniversary of the first exhibition of the Pictorial Collective, Olivér Tóth asks the photographer about his working methods, adventures and human attitude.