SUMMARY 98/5-6

An interview with Károly Hemző was published a few years ago in an issue of FOTÓMŰVÉSZET devoted to the Hungarian sports photography. Now FOTÓMŰVÉSZET celebrates the famous photographer turning seventy this year, by publishing this interview and a few of his somewhat less known and more ironical photos.

Many photographers in the past twenty years have been endeavouring to place more emphasis on the non-series “handcrafts” character of photographic picture than on its character of mass-produced product. The slogan of the photo competition announced by the organisers of the Esztergom Biennial was Manu propria. Thirty-two photo artists exhibited photos and competed for a dozen prizes, György Szegő reports on the 11th Esztergom Biennial.

In its latest issue, FOTÓMŰVÉSZET reported on young photographers gratuating at the Visual Communication Faculty of the College of Applied Arts. Gábor Pfisztner interviewed Annamária Gróf and István Lábady about their degree works and their longing for freedom and independence.

Our Polaroid Gallery has offered István Lábady an opportunity for „début”. – „Let the mosaics turn into a picture flow, a story board, a comic strip, a video clip of slow tempo like a sleeping man’s heartbeat, or the sound of an engine idling”, says Sándor Bacskai in his essay Film Noir in Colour.

From the essays by the students of postgradual training organized by the Hungarian National Museum and the Eötvös Loránd University, a summary of Károly Szűcs’ paper is published in this issue. The essay elaborates on the history of „Az Amatőr photo journal regularly published from 1904 to 1910, discussing the aesthetical aspects and importance of artistic photography represented by the journal.

The same as before, FOTÓMŰVÉSZET reports on the events of the Cologne photokina, on the technical novelties of photography of the year 1998 and on related exhibitions.

In an essay „The way we would like to look” , Béla Albertini presents a few funny examples of retouching needing both photographing and manual skill, from his collection.

Ilona Stemlerné Balog’s article can be attached to the above mentioned. She is writing about modification of photos because of political reasons.

Marianna Kiscsatári reports on Ilona Kőrösi Székely’s „Kecskemét anno... album. 270 contemporary photos help get an overall picture of Kecskemét on the turn of the century.